Tompkins Ventures wishes everyone a Happy New Year!
With many people starting their 2023 work year today after their holiday break, I thought we would look back at our top 5 Tompkins Ventures blogs from 2022.

 Drumroll please …

  1. Seize the Day, Semiconductor Manufacturers (Aug. 9)
    Now that Congress has passed billions in subsidies for semiconductor manufacturers, Intel, TSMC (the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) and Taiwan’s GlobalWafers Co. Ltd. must deliver on their promises to complete building semiconductor manufacturing plants in the U.S.
  2. OH MY MY!!! (Dec. 13)
    Despite recent press reports, global supply chains are nowhere near back to normal. I still see shortages and stockouts at my local stores, and lower transportation rates – something out of your chief supply chain officer’s control – does not mean you are doing a better job.
  3. Insightful Leadership and the Ukraine War (Sept. 14)
    Foresight can tell us who will win the Russia-Ukraine War. Extracting Insights from that foresight can tell you what to adjust in your areas of expertise.
  4. The Chinese Conundrum Requires Optionality (Nov. 1)
    As China becomes more problematic as a major source of raw materials and manufacturing, applying my concept of Optionality to your sourcing is of paramount importance.
  5. Reverse Logistics is Really a Different Omnichannel (Oct. 25)
    Returns are a big business opportunity for 3PLs. But reverse logistics is an entirely different beast than forward logistics.

Despite all the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) and Disruptions buffeting the world, we at Tompkins Ventures are certain of one thing: With the right Insight, 2023 could be your organization’s best year ever.