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Ship Less Air, Save 10-25% on Freight, Make Your Shoppers Happy


Does your enterprise ship boxes filled with more air and packaging than product, adding excess shipping and labor costs?

If the boxes you ship are 60-75% full of air and packaging, Tompkins Ventures has packaging optimization solutions to reduce that to 30-40%. ROIs routinely reach 400-600% and can top 1,000%.


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“I find it ridiculous when I open a large box and find small items like batteries or a computer mouse. Shippers charge for that excess space. And packaging is expensive. Proper packaging optimization prevents customer ridicule and can yield major savings in parcel shipping costs and packaging material savings.”

Jim Tompkins

Founder & Chairman, Tompkins Ventures; Founder, Past Chairman, Past CEO, Tompkins International

Bad data

Your Problem: Bad Data, Bad Results

3PLs and eCommerce retailers often lack accurate product dimensioning data to optimize packaging size. This leads to oversized boxes, higher dimensional freight charges and a poor customer unboxing experience. Millions of environmentally savvy customers document their experience via social media. They complain about the shipper’s stupidity or lack of concern about such environmental waste.

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Your Solution: Data + Equipment + Algorithms

Data is king, and the right equipment and software can compute accurate product dimensions. Pairing this data with complex algorithms allows enterprises to test millions of possibilities and pick the right box and the right mode of transportation for the lowest overall cost. Our Commercial Partner implements the solution and manages the end-to-end process. Regular site visits and business reviews drive continuous improvement.

Good equipment

Your Benefits: Less Waste, Massive ROI

• Reduce air in the box from 60-75% to 30-40%.
• Save 10-25% in freight charges, in addition to reduced packaging and labor costs.
• Provide your customers a fantastic unboxing experience.
• ROIs can range from 400%-600%, even topping 1,000%.
• Get expert advice to reduce shipping costs, improve packing throughput and reduce CO2 emissions.

Customer Success: Catching an ROI of 1,736%

A large eCommerce retailer distributes fishing tackle directly to consumers. FedEx costs are up 35% year-over-year, and a YouTube video with 4.3 million views ridicules the company’s wasteful packaging practices by showing a grown man lying inside of a box they used to ship a fishing rod.

Our Tompkins Ventures Partners did a baseline assessment of air shipped, CO2 footprint, parcel savings opportunities and item master accuracy. They also looked at damaged product returns and pack line throughput.

Using accurate product item masters, boxes were resized, and those accurate dimensions were fed into the cartonization algorithm during the packaging process.

The results:

  • 22% reduction in shipping costs
  • 10% reduction in packaging costs
  • 30% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Monthly continuous improvement effort led by our Partner.
  • $2.5 million annual savings in freight, labor, packaging – an ROI of 1,736%

Don’t let air-in-the-box waste hurt your brand reputation and drain your resources. Contact Tompkins Ventures today and start saving millions on your freight charges while making your shoppers happy.

Explore packaging optimization with Jim Tompkins. Learn how to minimize waste and enhance sustainability for consumer satisfaction. (Click for transcript)