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Take advantage of a new customer base, diversified markets and profitable growth. Grow your business with Tompkins Ventures’ New Market Entry Service. Connect with the resources and Partners to minimize risk, whether your enterprise is expanding into or out of the United States from Europe, South America, Asia or Africa.


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“Entering new markets can be an excellent strategy for businesses to expand their customer base, diversify their revenue streams and gain competitive advantage. However, new market entry requires detailed planning and addressing many major challenges, such as logistics, cultural differences, language barriers, product and service requirements, legal and regulatory compliance and building the leadership team in the new market.”

Jim Tompkins

Founder & Chairman, Tompkins Ventures; Founder, Past Chairman, Past CEO, Tompkins International

Your Problems: Unrealized Potential in New Markets

Expanding into undiscovered countries without the right guidance can be complicated for even the most successful companies. Beyond cultural and language barriers and legal/regulatory compliance, enterprises need to establish themselves as a legal entity, develop a solid go-to-market strategy that includes sales and sales support, make sure that supply chain and logistics operations deliver, ensure expert branding and marketing that can navigate local considerations, staff new locations, find the right facilities, and even access leadership coaching and capital.


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Your Solution: An Ecosystem to Handle Every Eventuality

The Tompkins Ventures New Market Entry Service matches you with the right selection from 100s of Partners to form an ecosystem capable of addressing all critical factors that come with expanding into new countries and conquering unknown frontiers. Tompkins Ventures has the vast network to help transform your enterprise’s dream of international growth into reality.

Your Benefits: New Customers, Diversified Markets

• Take advantage of fantastic opportunities for growth in new geographies.
• Strategic guidance helps accelerate your growth opportunities.
• The right end-to-end supply chain and logistics operators make sure you deliver to your new, expanded customer base.
• Staffing services and leadership training so your enterprise has the right people on the ground.
• Capital Partners who are more than financing – they function as your advocate in new markets.
• Branding, digital marketing services, sales and digital commerce services to differentiate your offering in new, unfamiliar markets.

New customer

Customer Success: Revolutionary Logistics Technology

A logistics technology app that began Brazilian operations in 2019 has transformed that country’s gig labor market for warehouse/dock/logistics workers. Tompkins Ventures leveraged our Partners’ knowledge of legal issues and the logistics landscape to tailor the app for expansion into the U.S.

Operating under a market-appropriate name in the U.S., stateside operations have grown from 1 pilot project in fall 2022 to five additional locations by spring 2023. Additional investment secured by Tompkins Ventures’ Entrepreneurial Growth practice is fueling additional expansion of operations in the U.S. and throughout Brazil.

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