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Develop the right strategy for your industrial facilities with Tompkins Ventures Real Estate Practice. Whether you reshoring or nearshoring manufacturing, unichannel distribution or fulfillment and specialty warehousing, we are here to help.


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“Logistics real estate has been hit by the perfect storm of inflation, increased eCommerce volume, huge increases in customers’ expectations and unpredictable customer buying habits. Distribution, fulfillment and reverse logistics must support, with high resilience, this perfect storm by having the right real estate of the right configuration, available when it is needed to meet customer demands. A major challenge demanding insightful leadership and understanding the real estate needs of the marketplace.”

Jim Tompkins

Founder & Chairman, Tompkins Ventures, Founder, Past Chairman, Past CEO, Tompkins International

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Your Problem: Compressed Timelines, Shifting Requirements, Limited Capacity

The uncertainty and volatility of today’s business landscape has compressed timelines for industrial real estate. Finding capacity to serve your customers is difficult. Many developers’ sales teams are partners only until the contracts are signed. You miss out on how to structure these major opportunities to improve your company. Defining requirements for the future is impossible. Many facilities are outdated by the time the first shovel strikes dirt.

Your Solution: Strategy, Fit and Location

Our real estate services range from strategy development, network planning, 3PL evaluation, incentive negotiation, location selection, real estate lease negotiation or build-to-suit. Core competencies include:

• Build-to-suit development
• Construction management
• Facility acquisition & dispositions
• Facility relocations
• Lease, sale and acquisition negotiations
• Space consolidations and expansions

Build to suit
Jim Tompkins unpacks real estate’s impact on distribution centers. Location, size, and design affect performance and customer satisfaction. (Click for transcript)

Your Benefits: Real Estate that Works Now – and in the Future

  • True partnerships. Our team does not abandon you after the contract is signed.
  • Agile facilities designed to grow and evolve with your enterprise.
  • Decades of experience developing and leasing hundreds of millions of square feet of industrial space.
  • Much of our inventory was purchased or leased off-market, unavailable elsewhere.
  • The right real estate solution reduces costs and increases speed to market, ROI and profitable growth. 

Discover the right facilities at the right locations for your enterprise. Facilities that maximize the profitable growth of your organization over time. Contact Tompkins Ventures today.