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Supply Chain Leadership

“Insightful Leaders position their enterprises to catch the waves (Disruptions), navigate those waves when they break (the Tipping Points), use insight into how the waves will advance (Paradigm Shifts), and harness the power of those waves to ride into the future (Innovations).”

Jim Tompkins

Founder & Chairman, Tompkins Ventures; Founder, Past Chairman, Past CEO, Tompkins International

Unlock leadership potential with Jim Tompkins. Propel growth and success with strategic vision, structure, and coaching. (Click for transcript)

Supply Chain Leadership that Thrives in an Age of Disruption

Your business has changed. Supply chains have changed. Technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate. You and your supply chain leadership teams are being asked to manage risk. To modernize.

To work and function at a high degree of effectiveness in an old system, while building a new one. You’re not just being challenged to think big – you must deliver.

 Success here requires more than exceptional functional expertise. It requires you to inspire your people – to evolve their thinking AND their skills. It requires communicating with audiences who may not understand what supply chain professionals do. Nor do they understand how the rate of technology change alone impacts work or people.

 It also requires convincing these same people to invest in the journey of change success will require. And, oh yes – serve the customer.

Your Challenge:

Navigate Disruption.

Plant Seeds for the Future.

At Tompkins Leadership, we’ve created a community of supply chain, transportation and logistics advisers who have walked your paths.

Our team members have held roles as hands-on executives in large logistics organizations, startups and high growth midsize companies.

Some of us began by working in planning, procurement, transportation, manufacturing, distribution and fulfilment. Others have specialized in supply chain technology or lean process improvement.

 Still others came into the supply chain space through the side door – amazing, traditionally trained inquiry-based coaches who fell in love with the people of our industry.

Plant Seeds for the Future
Tough Questions

Answer Your Leadership Challenges Now

Tough Questions. Ambiguous Answers. Necessary Decisions.

At Tompkins Leadership, we asked ourselves:

  •  What did we need when we sat in your seat?
  • What did our team need for successful supply chains?
  • How did we want to be helped?
  • What did we need that we didn’t know to ask for?
  • Did we need a second set of eyes to look at a particular issue?
  • Did we need a second set of hands to help with a specific project?
  • Did we find value in an outside perspective to help our team through strategy and change?

Tompkins Leadership created this community of advisors to solve these questions.

Our advisers have a passion for high-performing supply chains. They actively work in supply chain functions every day, just like you, your team and your external stakeholders. They come with humble directness and true respect for the challenges you face. They understand the important supply chain management decisions you must make.

The Tompkins Leadership team has been there. Chief supply chain officers who directed global supply chain strategy. Supply chain leaders who manage day-to-day operations. Problem-solving C-suite leaders who directed cross-functional operations.

Organizations we work with at Tompkins Leadership

  1. Supply chain organizations in automotive, CPG, food and beverage, footwear and apparel, electronics, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medical products, retail.
  2. Logistics and transportation service companies: 3PLs, carriers, managed transportation providers, brokerages, supply chain technology organizations.
  3. PE and VC firms supporting their portfolio companies.


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More broadly, Tompkins Leadership advisors coach high potential talent and executives in the supply chain and logistics industry. Additionally, we facilitate succession planning activities and develop custom training and supply chain leadership development programs for teams. Each unique supply chain leadership program combines commercial, operational and analytical modules with leadership development.


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