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Port operations

Buried by mountains of paper-based forms required for daily terminal operations? Tired of relying on cellphone photos to record shipping container damage? Wouldn’t an automated gate system with facial recognition, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and LPR (License Plate Recognition) capabilities solve problems, increase visibility and smooth interaction with your port or terminal customers?


Tompkins Ventures can connect you with complete technology solutions for ports and terminals, including but not limited to terminal operating systems, port community systems, terminal IoT systems and automated gate systems based on advanced video analytics. The right technology will digitally connect your port’s Terminal Operating System (TOS) in real time with your trading partners – steamship lines, port and customs authorities, cargo owners and more.

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Your Problem: Cost-effectively Augmenting TOS Functionality

Your key port operations and logistics rely on manual processes that create inefficiencies and delays, increase turnaround times and error rates, misplace cargo, carry compliance and security risks, lack real-time information on cargoes, vessels and berth availability and limit collaboration and communication. Automating those processes and integrating them into your port’s TOS are beyond the capabilities of the original provider.

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Your Solution: Digitization, Automation and Integration

Match with a Technology Partner that has deep domain expertise in port automation and digitization to help you develop and implement a customized Terminal Operating System (TOS) for your port or augment the functionality of your existing TOS. Integrate with voice, email, SMS and social media accounts for alerts and notifications. Responsive user interfaces that give operators the business intelligence they need when they need it.

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Your Benefits from Choosing Tompkins Ventures

Expand TOS functionality without sinking your port’s budget. Let us help you design, develop, implement, customize and support a state-of-the-art TOS, or automate, digitize and seamlessly integrate your port operations and logistics processes into your port’s existing TOS.

Benefits of port automation and digitization:
• Real-time visibility for vessels, containers, berth availability, cargoes and more
• Paperless, electronic terminal operations
• Vastly improved turnaround times
• Enhanced productivity
• Significant cost savings
• Improved safety
• Optimized resource allocation
• Enhanced customer experience
• Better stakeholder communications/collaboration
• User interfaces with actionable data analytics

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