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Solving Capital Needs for Entrepreneurial Growth

Capital Growth

Tompkins Ventures’ Entrepreneurial Growth Practice is your trusted partner for navigating the complex landscape of investment banking. We specialize in guiding entrepreneurs like you through the capital-raising process, increasing your exposure and developing multiple options to fund your company’s expansion. Well-aligned Capital Partners bring more than money – they bring a wealth of expertise and experience that complements your business and accelerates your growth.


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“Capital Partners who are the right fit for your enterprise will provide more than financial resources. Their experience with similar companies helps them develop insights into the future – actionable insights that you can use to propel your profitable growth.”

Jim Tompkins

Founder & Chairman, Tompkins Ventures; Founder, Past Chairman, Past CEO, Tompkins International

Let Tompkins Ventures Help You Find the Right Capital Partner

Capital Partner

Your Challenge: Finding the Right Capital Partner

The right capital partner is crucial to your growth and survival. The right fit requires a deep understanding of your unique challenges and opportunities. At Tompkins Ventures, we listen closely to your needs. Only then do we connect you to the perfect match from our network of investment bankers and registered brokers/dealers with strong relationships in the venture capital, private equity, family office and angel investor communities. Our Capital Partners have the resources, the expertise and the values to align with your enterprise and act as your advocate on the way to exponential growth.

Your Solution: Tompkins Ventures Matchmaking Process

The Tompkins Ventures Matchmaking Process ensures that you find the ideal Capital Partnership to support your Entrepreneurial Growth. We combine a wealth of experience and unique insights to deliver your value proposition to the right selection from hundreds of Capital Partners worldwide. By combining these resources with your organization’s leadership team, we create world-class strategies and deliver exceptional results. Our direct relationships with investment bankers and brokers/dealers looking for curated deals from Tompkins Ventures give you a competitive advantage in the capital-raising landscape.

Capital partner match
Discover Jim Tompkins’ expertise in raising capital. From valuation to funding negotiation, let us build bridges to your business success. (Click for transcript)

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Benefits of Choosing Tompkins Ventures

Extensive network: Gain access to our vast network of investment bankers, registered brokers/dealers, venture capital firms, private equity investors, family offices and angel investors across all industry sectors.
Well-vetted opportunities: Capital Partners favor opportunities from Tompkins Ventures because we meticulously vet firms and ensure they have credible leadership teams. Your company’s deal stands out and captures the attention of potential investors.
Expertise in multiple sectors: Our capital formation experience spans various sectors, including logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, medical devices, business services, cybersecurity software/services and real estate. Additionally, we have unparalleled expertise in supply chain management, covering areas such as packaging, automation, software/SaaS platforms, unichannel fulfillment and final mile solutions.

At Tompkins Ventures, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs like you grow and thrive. Let us be your trusted partner in solving your capital needs and unlocking your organization’s full potential.