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“Labor continues to be the number one, number two and number three problem.”

That quote from Hamid Moghadam, CEO of Prologis, has stood the test of time as companies continue to deal with supply chain volatility, especially when preparing for periods of significant fluctuations in volume and resource demand. Successful enterprises prepare for the expected, plan for the unexpected and align with partner companies to improve response time, scalability, enhance service quality and profitability.

A company’s strategy should include the following components: review, plan, align and leverage. Including key third-party providers can augment your team and make the process more interactive. It’s important to identify third-party providers that understand your expectations, your challenges and how aligning with your team can transform a transactional relationship into a valued partnership that achieves key objectives. Such alliances go beyond providing a service – they align core values to accomplish key goals and objectives in a unified approach.

Often, executive teams discuss the human factor as a major challenge, while operationally treating that human factor almost as an afterthought. As we approach Peak 2023, companies will need to add thousands of additional labor hours to meet customer expectations.

But this goes beyond adding headcount. Finding a partner who wants to understand your needs, can assist your recruiting efforts, scale (both up and down) quickly, provide trained quality personnel and assist with risk management adds significant value in meeting your customer and corporate expectations. For many companies, managing this multimillion-dollar expense is critical in not only meeting budgetary goals but in retaining long-term customer relationships for future years.,

This outlines the Task4Pros model and approach. For all parties to succeed, internal and external teams must be aligned, prepared, trained and capable of adjusting real-time to supply chain disruptions, managing costs and meeting expectations. The only way to maximize these factors is to identify, commit and prepare in advance.

The review, plan, align and leverage process takes time. Many organizations are well into their process in preparing for Peak 2023. For many others, July is a critical point on their timeline to plan appropriately for maximum results.

Feel free to contact me to learn more about Task4Pros, the process and determine how we may assist you in meeting your goals via a flexible workforce model.