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Good leaders are hard to find, and learning without coaching has limited value. Unfortunately, even the best leadership development team can coach of coaches can develop only a few hundred people a year.

However, pairing great coaches with predeveloped modules and an artificial intelligence advisor can quickly scale up leadership development & coaching.

Here’s the process: Adults – CEOs, leadership team members – study and learn from a combination of self-directed modules and live teaching before interacting with a combination of live coaches and artificial intelligence advisors. Your AI advisor knows which modules you have examined and how long you have spent on each. The AI advisor spends a few sessions with you discussing the modules and asking you questions – Why did you leave that module after 4 minutes? What were you thinking when you rewound that video 3 times? Why do you think you did well on this set of questions instead of that set?

The AI advisor summarizes your progress, devises a plan, and reports that to your real-life coach. Your coach spends 20 minutes, not 4 hours, preparing for your session.

The process starts again with the next set of modules and live teaching. You can escalate to your live coach at any time if you get frustrated with your AI advisor.

This truly is andragogy – a big word referring to the methods and principles for adult education – for today’s age of Disruption. Massive workforce turnover might be forcing you to train hundreds or thousands of new hires, and that does not include budding leadership teams or CEOs aiming for new skills.

Artificial intelligence advisors + live coaching could add more capacity than you ever thought possible to your enterprise’s leadership development programs.