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The Uberization of logistics labor services is continuing.

Task4Pros has rapidly expanded operations from its initial Nashville pilot to Cincinnati, Louisville and Mobile, Alabama – with Indianapolis and Memphis coming soon. The startup has proven a great option during an era of fluctuating supply and demand and a tight labor market.

Enterprises wary of huge capital investments during a period of known uncertainty and inflationary pressures need other options to control costs. The ability to flex up during peak periods with Task4Pros offers such a possibility. Instead of having 40 full-time staffers, warehouse managers are making do with 30 full-timers, using Task4Pros to augment their workforce when demand spikes require another 5, 10 or 15 workers.

Unlike many staffing operations, Task4Pros, led by supply chain and transportation veteran Chuck Moyer, knows what it takes to recruit, train and retain warehouse labor. In fact, the Alabama operation was so successful that Task4Pros now operates the entire warehouse. So you can use Task4Pros to flex up, to handle all your warehouse staffing or even choose a full 3PL service model, where Task4Pros provides the facility and all services related to your enterprise’s storage and shipping needs.

These options take the hassle out of staffing your logistics operations. You don’t have to worry about benefits, Social Security, training, medical, etc., and Task4Pros’ W2 model minimizes the risk of legal issues from misclassification or co-employment. You, instead, concentrate on your core competencies.

Task4Pros recently secured $1.22 million in Series A funding to expand operations across the U.S. and with its Brazilian subsidiary, MeuChapa, which has been operating since 2019.

The Brazilian operation has been a smashing success, winning accolades by transforming the day labor market. Traditionally, Brazilians look for work unloading cargo at warehouses, ports, stores and other facilities by standing on the side of the road. Delivery truckers stop, negotiate a rate and then transport the workers to the worksite.

MeuChapa allows such workers to pick a task on the app and head directly to work. Instead of spending 20-30 hours a week looking for work and 10-20 hours a week working, these “Chapas” spend minutes matching up with jobs – those hours spent waiting and looking are now spent working and getting paid.

Uber has revolutionized transportation services. Task4Pros and its subsidiary MeuChapa are doing the same for logistics labor services.