Services: Logistics

The five big logistics partnerships problems that Tompkins Ventures solves are:

Custom Solutions Drive Partnership Success

The big problem with the typical 3PL relationship is the mindset of the distribution/fulfillment/transportation partnership. The logistics partnership must be based upon the unique requirements of the client and the customer service needs of the clients’ customers. It is not about the 3PLs operating procedures but rather, the clients’ needs. Tompkins Ventures brings the expertise, experience, creativity, and innovation to every partnership to customize the solution specifically for each client.

Relationships Drive Success

The big problem here begins with the term 3rd Party Logistics (3PL). The relationship between Tompkins Ventures and our clients is never “third party.” Tompkins Ventures cherishes every client and has the same passion for our clients’ customers as do our clients. Our clients’ success is essential to our successes.

Scalability is Vital

The big problem here is the naive assumption that there is something called steady state. Nothing could be further from the truth in these VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) times. The facts are that no logistics or transportation organization is able to accurately predict the amount of storage, the right volume of throughput or the right order profiles. In addition, many organizations have peaks and valleys throughout the weeks, months and years and so an agile customized logistics partner is needed to handle the ebbs and flows throughout the year. Tompkins Ventures fully understands the need for scalability and anticipates these ebbs and flows. Three things enable Tompkins Ventures to handle this required agility better than other logistics providers. First our analytics, planning and experience allows us to see changes coming before they happen and therefore be prepared when VUCA happens. Secondly is a world class approach to staffing. We have a year-round staffing organization that is actively recruiting even before the need is identified. We are not surprised; we plan ahead. Thirdly, our attitude in four words: “We Get It Done.”

Technology is Never Easy

The big problems here are implementation timing, the detailed capabilities of the software and the reports that are generated. Often technology becomes a bottleneck during implementation. Tompkins Ventures prevents this by having the ability to begin operations with very basic technology and to evolve over time. We have a variety of software packages we use, but we are also flexible in using the client-driven technology when appropriate. This flexibility not only helps in the implementation timing, but also in simplifying the disconnect in the detailed capabilities of the software. Lastly, we are very flexible in reporting back to our clients. All reports are developed while working with our clients.

Transparency Drives Harmony

The big problem here is the number of surprises that occur throughout the relationships among logistics partners. These surprises are based on a lack of shared expectations. This lack of shared expectations begins during go-live and continues to occur with each invoice for services and with each performance management report. This lack of shared expectations often results in a deterioration of trust and the demise of the partnerships. Tompkins Ventures will not allow this to occur because we “Do what we say and say what we do.” No surprises. Fully transparent.