Development Prosperity

The five big industrial development problems that Tompkins Ventures solves are:

Speed Is Essential

The big problem here is the pace of development, the responsiveness and the lack of urgency. Due to the uncertainty and volatility of today’s business world, the lead times of industrial development must be compressed. In fact, Tompkins Ventures is often finding a facility is needed in as little as 2 months from the time the need is identified. To solve this problem, Tompkins Ventures has spec buildings that are available and sites that are ready for construction.

True Partnerships Reign

The big problem here is Tompkins Ventures has been involved in many industrial developments where the developers’ sales teams have been true partners until the contracts were signed. Once signed, the facility became the objective and not the business that was to operate within the facility. This is not how the partnership works with Tompkins Ventures and our clients. Tompkins Ventures partners with our clients to be sure they get the best location, facility and financial benefits from our partnership.

Deal Structure is Paramount

The big problem here is many firms treat their facility assets like any other procurement and miss out on how to best structure these major opportunities to improve their company. Need to dispose of an existing facility to afford a new facility? Want a joint venture on the new facility? Whatever the need, Tompkins Ventures brings an attitude of creativity and openness to how each facility is structured. Clients are not following an industrial development process for development, but rather a process that is best for them and the success of their businesses.

Agility Addresses VUCA

The big problem here is in these VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) times, the defining of the requirements for a new facility is impossible. The requirements needed 2 years from today will be different from what is known today and so it is not surprising that many industrial development projects require expensive modifications even during the construction process. The Tompkins Ventures vision of how businesses are evolving and our knowledge of development when combined with our clients’ intimate knowledge of their businesses, allows for the development of a facility with the agility to meet the future requirements with what is developed today.

Facility Excellence Begets Profitable Growth

The big problem here is when surprises occur during or after the facility is developed. The process described by the above four big problems prevents surprises from happening and assures not just an excellent facility, but more importantly an efficient operation within the facility that provides for profitable growth of the business. The results from the Tompkins Ventures process is not that our clients get the cheapest new facility, but that clients get the facility that allows them to maximize the profitable growth of their business over time.